Enjoy Rich Taste of Our Exquisite Iftar Combo Pack

Delhi Nihari is a well-established name in the field of restaurant. We have been serving Indo-Pakistani community for the last three decades. We are known for offering exclusive iftar combos. Our packages facilitate the diners in breaking the fast. If you are searching for iftar combo service in Dubai then try the service of Delhi Nihari.

Why choose services of Delhi Catering?

Enjoy the month of giving and the opportunity to try traditional dishes at our restaurant on this auspicious occasion. Try our iftar combo pack and celebrate happy occasions with a pinch of gourmet taste. Our iftar combo pack features several types of fruits, dates, beverages and meat selection customized to every requirement

We are praised for offering affordable, filling iftar combo packs in Dubai. We also deliver to any location of your choice, be it labor camps, construction sites and mosques.

We offer fantastic customized service to people who are fasting

Delhi Nihari has engraved a special place after devoting completely itself towards serving guests. Guests just fall for our authentic and well-prepared options. We customize our packages to fit your requirement, budget and quantity. Feel free to contact us for collecting information about our iftar combo service in Dubai.

Dubai is emerging as one of the most lavish dining options. Delhi Catering makes sincere efforts to bring the best imaginable offerings. India is known to have a rich heritage of taste sensation. If you are planning to do a Iftar party in Dubai. Delhi Catering is ready to serve. Family and close friends should be made partners of happiness. We arrange for a soul-soothing setting without exerting pressure on the pocket of guests. Give us an opportunity to serve if you are eager to raise Iftar to a new height. Relax in a serene environment and simultaneously enjoy Ramadan themed drinks, dishes, desserts. It is for sure that reunion with friends and family members for a savoury Iftar will leave you with golden memories.

Charity meal for Ramadan