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Are you Ready to Take a Dip in Indian Culinary World?

It is a fact that Indian cuisine is unmatched when it comes to taste and varieties. Even in a bustling city like Dubai, you can have an opportunity to relish on Indian cuisine. Delhi Nihari is committed to satisfy your cravings for spicy Indian dishes. We are the best Indian restaurant in Dubai. It is our duty to serve business travelers, tourists, travelers and bring a sign of satisfaction on their face.

Dubai is dotted with skyscrapers and other places of tourist interest. Delhi Nihari serves native and Indian dishes in the heart of this Middle Eastern hub. Book a table at our Indian restaurant in Ajman and enjoy some flavorsome food complemented by a lively decor. Our chefs give highest priority to taste, quality and hygiene. Don’t miss an opportunity to taste a hearty Indian meal at Delhi Nihari.

We offer rich desi varieties at Delhi Nihari. Cravings don’t really appear according to any schedule. If your stomach is demanding some authentic desi flavors, book a table at Delhi Nihari, the best Indian restaurant in Sharjah to enjoy some quality time and great taste in the company of friends and family members. Our chefs can clearly understand your anticipation and prepare super yummy dishes by involving distinct spices and fresh ingredients. We also focus on the presentation part at our Indian restaurant in Dubai. Such exquisite is the presentation and serving style that many guests simply share images of their plate on social networking sites.

Delhi Nihari aspires to make your visit truly memorable culinary affairs. A fine dining experience at our Indian restaurant in Sharjah will bring you many golden memories. For a few moments Indian expatriates and tourists feel as if they are back home. Such authenticity is our taste and appetizing meals. Just book a table and enjoy Indian culinary delights such as Chana Masala, Halwa Puri, Qeema, Mutton Paya and many more. Our restaurant is an ideal space meant to satisfy your gastronomical under the shadow of royal hospitality. If you are truly looking for a soulful dining experience, no one else can outperform Delhi Nihari.

From elegant atmosphere, regal setting to utensils, everything at our Indian restaurant in Dubai adds desi touch. Our friendly staff is always ready to assist the guests and make them familiar with the rich menu.

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