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Delhi Nihari

Taste The Best Shahi Haleem In UAE With Us!

Delhi Nihari has always been serving the best Biryani, but it also offers the best Shahi Haleem in UAE. You can visit any of our restaurants in Ajman, Sharjah and RAK, and enjoy the savoury taste of Shahi Haleem. Don't feel shy if you are having a large number of group with you; you can book a table or place an online order in Sharjah. Flavour and aroma don't seek attention; and why should they? Visit us once and you will coming again and again!

We Offer The Best Shahi Haleem In UAE

Shahi Haleem is a popular dish in Central Asia, Middle East, and the Indian Subcontinent. Although its recipe varies from place to place, the main ingredients are meat, whole grains, and sometimes lentils. Our chefs know how to bring that traditional taste of Shahi Kaleem using different spices. Visit our restaurant and we will serve our delicious Shahi Haleem that you can enjoy with or without naans. You can come with friends or you can visit alone; it's up to you!

Haleem: A Brief History

Haleem finds its origin somewhere in a Arabian dish called Harees, that is also written as Jareesh. Harees was first introduced in India by the Arab warriors of Hyderabad Nizam's army. The cuisine takes hours to be prepared that brings the desired paste-like consistency, using aromatic spices, barley, wheat and meat. Once you taste, you are going to ask for more!

We Are Just One Call Away!

Though we welcome people visiting our restaurants, you can place and online order too. It is always a good idea to visit our restaurants as the relaxing ambience comes as an added advantage. However, if you are someone who follows a super hectic schedule, that's not a problem with us! We are just one call away!

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