Delhi Nihari

Spicy Food In Dubai, Ajman And Sharjah

Take a Dip in the Realm of Spicy Rich Taste

Those who love non-vegetarian dishes simply fall in love with Dubai. Delhi Nihari is a paradise for all those who love spiced meals. If you are planning to relish on spicy food in Dubai, then book your table at Delhi Nihari. Our restaurants provide an ideal environment so that you can enjoy classic spicy meals along with your friends and family members. We offer the finest range of spicy food in Dubai. We also serve localities like Muhaisnah, Al Nahda and Al Qusais.

The authentic style in which we serve spicy and authentic food leaves our guests impressed. Whether the guest is waiting for spicy tandoori duck, Kebab, Tandoori tikka with pepper, chicken, juicy lamb meat, we serve the best spicy food in Ajman. Undeniably, our restaurant is an ideal space for spice lovers.

Delhi Nihari makes excellent arrangements to bring a very fine dining experience for the guests. Our chefs personally select fresh ingredients to bring marvelous taste on your plates. The taste of spicy food is augmented in the mood-lightning ambience of Delhi Nihari. Our chefs very well-know the method of tickling the taste buds of foodies. It is well-known that the best spicy food in Sharjah is served at Delhi Nihari. We serve in localities like Juraina, Al Mirgab, Sharqan, Ramla, Al Noaf, Mansoora, Al Jazzat,Alkhan, Al Nahda, etc. Just take a glimpse of chicken special, mutton special and beef specials. Everything is prepared in rich ingredients along with spices.

Book your table at Delhi Nihari and gear up to taste some spicy, rich, savory dishes. The piquant taste of the dish is the main magnetizing factor that brings guests towards our restaurant. Whether you want to throw a simple party or planning for get-together, Delhi Nihari is the best junction.

Areas with Free Delivery:

Al Nahda, Al Qusais, Muhaisnah

Alkhan, Al Nahda, Ramla, Al Noaf, Juraina, Mansoora, Al Jazzat, Al Mirgab, Sharqan