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You get to see a lot of blogs related to food online and few contain recipes as well. However, when it comes to bring the real taste of a particular cuisine, it's not everyone's cup of tea; especially, if it is a regional dish like Bihari Kebab. You can follow a recipe, but you cannot guarantee that authentic taste, and that's when you need to look for a place that can satisfy your flavour cravings. If you are in UAE and looking for Bihari Kebab, Delhi Nihari is your go-to place!

About Bihari Kebab

Bihari Kebab is an Indian variant of the famous Kebab which attracts people for the irresistible taste it offers. Though most of the popular Bihari cuisines are vegetarian in nature, Bihari Kebab is a non-vegetarian one with a tempering of mustard oil which makes it a taste to remember. The dish, which contains a perfect blend of aromatic spices, is very popular in Bihar and Bengal in India and makes people want for more with its mouth-watering taste. The secret element is the Bihari Kebab garam masala that makes it luscious like anything!

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Don't think much if you want to get the best taste of Bihari Kebab. Visit any of our restaurants located in Ajman, RAK or Sharjah and we will be more than happy to serve you the taste you have been craving for. Although visiting our restaurants will be the best thing to do as you will be getting the charming ambience as an added advantage, you can opt for an online order as well if you are having a busy day. Trust us for your cravings once and you would love to dine with us again!

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