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Visit Delhi Nihari – One of the Oldest Kebab Restaurants in UAE!

Kebabs are everyone’s favourite. Big or small, they are preferred by all! Though there are many varieties available worldwide, there is no match to Indian and Pakistani Kebabs. Prepared using different spices and herbs mixed with meat or chicken, the dish is very popular among the masses.

The most interesting part of the dish is that it is not even originated from either India or Pakistan, and it is still liked by the locals like anything. If you are in Dubai and missing those crispy kebabs, visit our place and we will feel more than happy to serve you with the best kebab in Ajman.

About Kebab

Kebabs find their origin in Middle East and also an important part of Persian and Arab culture. The dish has been making people crazy since long. If we talk about the Indian Kebabs, these are often cooked using a skewer and are largely influenced by Mughlai cuisine. With time, many varieties emerged such as Reshmi Kebab, Chicken Bihari Kebab, Beef Bihari Kebab, Mutton Seekh Kebab etc. The dish was so delicious that it became rapidly famous across the world. If you are looking forward to try the best kebab in Dubai, visit us and enjoy the mouthwatering taste.

We Are Dedicated To Serve The Best Kebabs!

We are among the oldest restaurants in UAE and are serving our customers for more than three decades. Dedicated to cater all the traditional Indian and Pakistani cuisines, we offer the best spicy food in RAK with incredible quality. Get in touch to enjoy the most delicious food in UAE.

One of the most loved dishes of our menu is kebabs. Our chefs prepare a number of different kebabs that are extremely luscious in taste. Don’t worry if you have your family or friends with you. We can serve to as much people as you want. You can visit our restaurant or place an order online and we will be there with the best kebab in Sharjah.

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